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Italian Classic Lunch – $22.99

  • Chicken Parmesan with fresh herb and grated parmesan breading topped with fresh buffalo mozzarella
  • Linguini Pasta with roasted garlic marinara sauce
  • Arugula Leave salad with shaved parmesan in a fresh lemon vinaigrette
  • Warm Foccacia drilled with virgin olive oil and kosher salt

Urban Italian Lunch – $23.99

  • Stuffed Chicken Breast with prosciutto, sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil and buffalo mozzarella

  • Roasted Butternut Risotto with grated parmesan and fresh lemon

  • Organic Green Salad with cranberry raisins, ginger sugared pecans and grated feta cheese

  • Warm Foccacia drilled with virgin olive oil and kosher salt

The Mediterranean Lunch – $23.99

  • Peri Peri Chicken marinated in a medium spiced peri peri sauce then roasted to succulent perfection. Served in large quarter chicken pieces

  • Garlic long grain rice with carrots and onions

  • Organic greens with fresh cilantro, red onions, tear drop tomatoes, crumbled goat cheese with a honey balsamic vinaigrette

  • Warm flat bread with hummus

Mexican Feast – $22.99

  • Sirloin Beef Enchilada with spiced rice, sautéed peppers and onion and Mozzarella cheese baked in a house made chipotle sauce

  • Blacken Chicken Quesadillas with re-fried beans, fresh avocado, tomatoes and Monterey jack cheese

  • Fire Roasted Tomato Salsa & Sour Cream

  • Romaine Heart salad with fresh cilantro roasted corn, tear drop tomatoes, grated sharp cheddar and crisp tortilla strips in an chill lemon vinaigrette

  • Fresh fruit platter


Menu 1 Cold Lunch – $23.49

  • Grilled Salmon – with a papaya salsa with fresh cilantro
  • Mediterranean Portabella Mushrooms – with Quinoa & Chick peas with marinated Mediterranean vegetable with crumbled goat (for vegetarian)
  • Arugula & Yellow Beet Salad – with goat cheese rolled in sugar pecans with a balsamic reduction on a bed of arugula
  • Fusilli Pasta Salad – with capers, olives, sun dried tomatoes and fresh bocconcini and basil
  • Flat Breads – with hummus

Menu 2 Cold Lunch – $20.99

  • Assorted Sandwiches – cut into 4 (vegetarian available)

  • Gourmet wraps – cut in half (vegetarian available)

  • Rotini Pasta Salad – with smoked salmon and asparagus in a sweet creamy curry dressing

  • Roasted Red Potato Salad – with crisp bacon and fresh basil

  • Garden Green Salad – with loads of vegetables with a maple, grainy mustard dressing

  • Hummus – with carrots & Celery

Menu 3 Cold Lunch – $22.49

  • Old Fashion Italian Sub – mortadella, salami, and prosciutto, provolone Cheese with banana peppers, arugula, tomatoes and red onion with a Dijon oregano dressing (sliced in 2 in slabs)

  • Mini Shrimp & Avocado Croissants – with cream cheese, lemon and sprouts

  • Roasted Vegetable Wraps – with hummus (vegetarian)

  • Spinach Salad – with roasted yellow beets, goat cheese, cranberries and pumpkin seeds

  • Fresh Vegetable Platter – with ranch style dip

  • Red Potato Salad – with chopped egg & Tomato

Menu 4 Cold Lunch – $21.99

  • Grilled Chicken Breast – with a Dijon herb crust

  • Ricotta & Pesto Tarts – with asparagus (vegetarian)

  • Mixed bean and arugula salad with a charred onion vinaigrette

  • Spinach salad – with fresh strawberries, blueberries and crumbled goat cheese in a lemon poppy seed dressing

  • Fresh Rolls & whipped butter


Menu 1 – $30.99

  • Beef & Pork Meatballs – Large Jag meatballs in a Chianti wine tomato reduction

  • Grilled Chicken Thighs –roasted with a basil pesto & shaved Parmesan

  • Rigatoni Aliolio – with parmesan & parsley

  • Meatless Meatballs – in a marinara with fresh basil (vegetarians)

  • Classic Caesar Salad – with buttery croutons and grated fresh parmesan

  • Arugula & Baby Spinach Salad – with watermelon & feta

  • Garlic Parmesan Twists

  • House-made Biscotti – dipped in white chocolate

Menu 2 – $30.99

  • Grilled Salmon fillet – with a fresh mango salsa with cilantro & lime

  • Grilled Peri Peri Chicken – bone in chicken grilled with our in-house Peri Peri marinate

  • Grilled eggplant Parmesan – with fresh basil & Bocconcini (Vegetarians)

  • Wild Rice Pilaf – confetti of vegetables with long grain & wild rice

  • Mediterranean Green Salad – organic greens and romaine with fresh cilantro, tomatoes, black olives, cucumbers and pumpkin seeds

  • Romaine Salad – with broccoli, walnuts, blue cheese, fresh pear and mint

  • Lemon Meringue Shooters – luscious lemon curd topped with vanilla meringue cookies

Menu 3 – $30.49

  • Fried Centre Cut Pork Chops – Caramelized onions & apple chutney

  • Red Snapper – panko crusted snapper topped with toasted almonds

  • Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Torte – with goat cheese & arugula

  • Sautéed Vegetables – carrot, bok choy, zucchini, celery and sweet onion

  • Wild Mushroom Risotto – with pecorino cheese & lemon

  • Kale Caesar Salad – with fried capers, fresh asiago cheese and focaccia croutons

  • European Greens – with fresh apple, blue cheese and sugar pecans

  • Fresh Baguettes with olive oil and dark balsamic

  • Jag Desserts

Menu 4 – $33.49

  • Classic roast Beef Dinner – with rich beef gravy

  • Yorkshire pudding – full size individual Puffed puddings

  • Marinated Grilled Portabella Mushrooms – with bocconcini, fresh basil, & ripe tomatoes

  • Garlic Roasted Red Mashed Potatoes – with butter & sour cream

  • Cauliflower & Broccoli Au Gratin

  • Spring Green – purple beets, oranges and fennel

  • Traditional Caesar Salad –with focaccia croutons

  • Rolls & Butter

  • Mini Chocolate Mousse – with bailey ganache & toasted hazelnuts

* Costs are per person – pricing does not include tax/grat

Pop/water is available @ $1.25 / unit

Customer Review

Really fantastic place to go. The track is really great, karts have a lot of go to them too. Staff is very great most of the time. I’d highly recommend this place if you enjoy a good race.

Customer Review
The best carting in Richmond. Better than the no fun electric cart place nearby. They cater to groups and allow almost any format of races. I can say a group of friends here in carts will leave you story telling for days. Insane fun and no dumb format to drain your wallet to go full speed like the other place
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